Conference Calendar TaxDome 2024

Meet us in person in USA, Canada, Europe and Australia!


Upcoming Events: USA/Canada/Brazil

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🇺🇸 AICPA ENGAGE Event | Las Vegas, NV | June 3-6

🇺🇸 Scaling New Heights | Orlando, FL | June 17-19

🇺🇸 Taxposium | Orlando, FL | July 22-24

🇺🇸 Bridging the Gap. | Rosemont, Illinois | July 22-24

🇺🇸 IRS TaxForum | Dates and Cities TBA

🇺🇸 ICPAS SUMMIT24 | Illinois | August 27-28

🇨🇦 Accountex Canada | Toronto, Ontario | November 5-6

🇺🇸 QuickBooks Connect | Date and City TBA

🇺🇸 MNCPA Tax Conference | Minneapolis, MN | November 18-20

🇧🇷 Congresso | Balneário Camboriú, Brazil | Sept. 8 -11

🇧🇷 20ª CONESCAP | Fortaleza, Brasil | November


Upcoming Events: Europe/Asia/Australia

🇫🇮 Finland, Tampere, Summer Days 2024

🇦🇺 AFAANZ Conference | Auckland, New Zealand | 30 June - 2 July

🇬🇧 Accountex Manchester | Manchester, UK | September 17

🇩🇪 StB Expo in Stuttgart | Stuttgart | September 19

🇸🇪 Ekonomi & Företag | Stockholm, Sweden | Sept 25-26, 2024

🇳🇴 Overskudd | Norway | September

🇯🇵 Kaikei Jimusho Hakurankai | Tokyo, Japan | October 17-18

🇦🇹TaxArena | Vienna, Austria | October 24

🇪🇸 Accountex España | Madrid, Spain | Nov 6-7

🇩🇰 FDR & Cereda RegnskabEvent | Copenhagen, Denmark | November


Past Events 2023-2024

check our past events 2022 here

🇬🇧 Accountex London | May 15-16

🇮🇹 61* Congresso UNGDCEC | Italy Caserta | April 11-12

🇬🇧 Digital Accountancy show | London, UK | April 16-17

🇩🇪 StB Expo in Köln | Cologne, Germany | April 18

🇩🇰 Networking Event by TaxDome in Copenhagen, Denmark

🇦🇺 Australia’s Premier Exhibition | Melbourne | March 20-21

🇩🇪 StB Expo in München | Munich, Germany | March 19

🇸🇪 SRF Konsulterna Event | Stockholm, Sweden | March 20

🇫🇷 ECO Zoom, Toulouse, March 14 

🇬🇧 Festival of Accounting and Bookkeeping | Birmingham, UK | March 13-14

🇪🇸 IX Congreso | Valencia, Spain | March 7-8

🇧🇪 AllemaalDigitaal | Ghent, Belgium | Feb 27

🇫🇮 Tili -ja Veropäivät 2024 | Finland | Jan 22-23

🇩🇰 FDR & Cereda Regnskab | November 7-9

The TaxDome team had the privilege of attending RegnskabsEvent2023 organized by FDR and Cereda on November 7-9, 2023. Key takeaways we would like to share after the event:

1️⃣ Digital transformation strategies

2️⃣ Focus on compliance: personnel law, AML, GDPR

3️⃣ Emphasis on stronger partnerships

🚀 We are excited to share TaxDome's capabilities and contribute to Denmark’s accounting innovation!

🇺🇸 Creative Business Models for Accountants Conference | Miami, FL | October 26-27

TaxDome shines at the Creative Business Models Conference in Miami, October 26-27!

🗣 The event featured thought-provoking discussions, fostering valuable connections, and delivering insights into the future of the accounting landscape

😍 It was an invaluable platform to demonstrate how TaxDome is reshaping the accounting industry

🙏 A heartfelt thank you to Hector and Carlos, our dedicated partners, for inviting us to this fantastic event

📈Stay tuned for more exciting updates from TaxDome in 2024!

🇫🇷 LE D-CLIC NUMÉRIQUE | Toulouse, France | October 12

Tania represented the TaxDome team and was enthusiastic to share our vision for the future of practice management for tax. The feedback we received was invaluable, and it will help us serve you even better in the future

🚀 We invite you to stay tuned for more exciting updates and events with TaxDome. Also, feel free to check out event photos in the carousel: 

Thank you for your continued support! 😊

🇸🇪Ekonomi & Företag, Sweden | September 27-28

Ekonomi & Företag 2023 all wrapped up! We want to thank everyone who came to see us at Kistamässan on 27th and 28th of September

The event provided a platform for attendees to network, gain valuable insights, and explore innovative solutions to streamline their operations. TaxDome was right at the forefront of this transformation, and we're excited to share some key takeaways from the event

🇺🇸 Miami Tax Convention | September 19-21

TaxDome is thrilled to have participated in the Miami Tax Convention!

It was an incredible experience connecting with potential clients and partners

Edgar and Gabriel from the TaxDome team were excited to share our vision for the future of practice management for tax, and received invaluable feedback that will enable us to serve you better

Accountex Manchester, UK | September 19

🎉 We had the chance to meet amazing professionals who are shaping the future of accounting at Accountex Manchester

One of the event's highlights was our new Proposals feature, which caught the attention of numerous booth attendees. This innovative addition is designed to make your accounting practice even more efficient

We also shared exciting news about our upcoming updates set to be released in Q4. Stay tuned!

Overskudd, Norway | September 12-13

🇳🇴 The TaxDome team had a fantastic time at Regnskap Norge event #Overskudd in Oslo on 12-13 September 2023!

We’d like to share with you key takeaways from the event:

📝Quality assurance and documentation are paramount for accounting firms due to strict regulations

🤖 The industry is rapidly automating, and modern firms seek solutions for increased automation

🤝 AI is a game-changer, enhancing efficiency in accounting

📧 Many firms still rely on disconnected email communication with clients

Big thanks to everyone who joined us and Regnskap Norge for the invite!

😍 And special thank you to Torgeir and his team for ensuring that everything is running smoothly. It was good to see you!

IRS Tax Forum | Orlando, FL | August 29-31

🌴 TaxDome was a proud participant at the IRS Tax Forum in sunny Orlando, Florida!

Our team connected with tax professionals, CPAs, enrolled agents, and industry experts for two insightful days of sharing knowledge and discussing the latest tax trends and regulations

IRS Tax Forum | San Diego, CA | August 22-24

💼 TaxDome showcased our product at the IRS Nationwide Tax Forum in San Diego on August 23-24!

We truly enjoyed connecting with our valued clients, partners and other incredible tax professionals who joined us

IRS Tax Forum | Washington, DC Area | August 8-10

🤗 The TaxDome team had an awesome time exhibiting at the IRS National Harbor, MD event earlier this month on August 8-10

We enjoyed presenting our innovative solutions that are reshaping the tax and accounting landscape

Connecting with so many fellow professionals, sharing experiences, and diving into the latest tax tech trends was a blast. Couldn't do it without you!

NAEA Tax Summit Scottsdale, AZ |July 29-Aug 1 

🎉 We had an enjoyable time at NAEA from July 29 to August 1!

Meeting all you fantastic professionals, partners, and our awesome customers was the highlight of our trip!

We bonded, exchanged ideas, and found solutions to make your tax processes even smoother!

Let's rock together, building a seamless tax future.

IRS Tax Forum | Atlanta, GA | July 25-27

🚀 What a fantastic time we had at the IRS Atlanta, event on July 25-26!

️Our booth was buzzing with excitement – we got to meet with incredible tax pros, CPAs and finance gurus

But the real highlight was meeting our amazing clients in person. You are the heartbeat of TaxDome, and we’re grateful for your trust and support!

Atlanta, thank you for the warm reception! Your enthusiasm drives us to keep pushing the boundaries of innovation

TaxArena, Berlin, Germany | July 4

📣 We had a fantastic experience at TaxArena, Berlin on July 4!

Thank you to all the amazing tax professionals who visited our booth, engaged in conversations, and experienced the power of TaxDome.

We value and appreciate your enthusiasm and support!

Scaling New Heights | St. Louis, MO | June 25-28

🎉 TaxDome had the privilege to be a part of the Scaling New Heights event in St. Louis, MO!

A big thank you goes out to all the tax professionals who visited our booth, attended our sessions and engaged with us at SNH. Your presence made the event truly special, and we value the connections we made with each one of you.

Stay tuned for updates and future events with TaxDome!

StB Expo, München, Germany | June 27

🤝 The TaxDome team had a blast at the StB Expo in Munich on June 27!

It was a fantastic opportunity to learn from industry experts and gain new perspectives

We engaged in insightful discussions, diving deep into the challenges faced by tax professionals and sharing how TaxDome provides tailored solutions

🇳🇱 Accountancy Expo, Houten, Netherlands | June 20

💪 Wrap-Up: TaxDome's success at the Accountancy Expo, the Netherlands!

We received a positive response from expo attendees who were captivated by TaxDome's features and benefits.

We are grateful for the opportunity to address questions, offer personalized demos, and discuss how TaxDome can simplify processes, enhance client communication, and boost efficiency for accounting firms of all sizes

🇺🇸 MEGA CPE Conference | Orlando, FL | June 13-16

🤩 We are thrilled to share that TaxDome had a remarkable presence at the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants (FICPA) MEGA Conference!

We are inspired by the connections made and look forward to building lasting partnerships in the accounting community

Stay tuned for more updates and highlights from TaxDome as we continue to revolutionize tax practice management!

🇬🇧 The Digital Accountancy Show (DAS) | June 15

🚀 The TaxDome team is grateful to The Digital Accountancy Show (DAS) 2023 organizers and attendees for their passion and shared vision

We were thrilled to engage with industry professionals, thought leaders, and innovative minds from the accounting world

🇫🇮 Financial Management Association’s Summer Days | Seinäjoki | June 7-8

😍 Thank you all for visiting our booth at the Financial Management Association’s Summer Days!

We are grateful to Taloushallintoliitto, the event organizer, for their warm welcome and engaging discussions on the future of software solutions for the accounting industry

It was an absolute pleasure to meet our clients from the incredible firm, Rationum Oy

🇬🇧 Accountex London, UK | May 10-11

🤗 The TaxDome team would like to thank everyone for coming to visit our Booth at Accountex London

We had a great time demonstrating our platform and showcasing to the accountants how automations can revolutionise their firm workflow

An additional thank you to those who attended our talk at the FinTech and Innovation Stage

🇩🇪 StB Expo in Köln | Germany, April 27

🤩 The TaxDome team extends our sincere gratitude to the organizers of the Expo for providing us with an exceptional platform to showcase our product and connect with industry leaders

We appreciate the visitors who took the time to stop by our booth.

We eagerly look forward to meeting all of you again at the next StB Expo in Munich!

🇮🇹 FiIV CONGRESSO NAZIONALE Catania, Italy | April 14

🤗 Thanks for having us at the the Congress on Artificial intelligence and ESG sustainability on April 14, 2023 in the Le Ciminiere Cultural Fair Congress Center in Catania, Sicily

We are very grateful to our Catania-based partners, Rosario and Giovanni Emmi from Proclama Spa, for putting us in contact with the organizers, and to the Un.I.Co. for inviting us to the event

🇪🇸 VIII Congress of Digital Transformation in Professional Firms | Valencia, Spain | March 23-24

💪 Thank you for having us at the VIII Digital Transformation Congress for professional firms in Valencia, Spain, where we discussed the importance of automating internal processes to optimize the firm’s resources.

The attendees found TaxDome's automation and workflows efficient through its Kanban methodology that allows task assignment and process control.

🇦🇺 Accountex Sydney, Australia | March 15-16

🤗 Thanks for having TaxDome at our first event in Australia, Accountex Sydney.

 It was a pleasure to meet the Australian accounting and finance community and showcase TaxDome’s workflow and automation tools

We’ll be thrilled to see you again at our upcoming events! Stay tuned for details on when these will happen

🇧🇪 #Allemaal Digitaal | Feb 28, 2023 | Ghent, Belgium

🤗 Kudos for having TaxDome at the Allemaal Digitaal conference at the Ghelamco Arena in Gent on February 28!

We were thrilled to take part in the panel discussion about the future of e-invoicing and e-reporting, how to provide value for clients and the difference between running big and small accounting practices!

Thanks to Glenn & Sven from Finplex — and everyone we’ve met there.

If you missed it, book our live demo now.

🇫🇮 Tili -ja Veropäivät | Helsinki, Finland | Jan 23-24

💪 The TaxDome team wants to thank Taloushallintoliitto and the participants for having us at the Tili -ja Veropäivät on January 23-24, 2023 in Messukeskus, Helsinki.

We were delighted to showcase TaxDome and talk about the future development of the accounting and bookkeeping industry in Finland.

Thanks to everyone who met us there - we had a great time!

If you missed it, book our live demo now.


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