Past Events 2022

Europe/the USA/Canada


🇬🇧 Accounting Web Live Expo, Nov 30 - Dec 1, Coventry, UK

🙌 It was a pleasure for the TaxDome team to exhibit at the Accounting WEB Live Expo!

The event gathered around 1,900 visitors who wish to make their business thrive in 2023.

🎊 The TaxDome team enjoyed showcasing our workflow automation platform at more than 55 content sessions throughout the event.

If you missed it, book our live demo now.

🇺🇸 20th Annual Accounting & Tax Symposium | Nov 16-17 Long Island, New York

Thanks for meeting us at the 20th Annual Accounting & Tax Symposium!

We enjoyed showcasing TaxDome workflow automation and making meaningful connections during the event.

Special thanks to all who took the time to swing by our booth and join our live Q&A.

🇪🇸 Accountex 2022, Nov 3-4 Madrid, Spain

Accountex Spain has exceeded our expectations, in its first version they managed to bring thousands of people to see the latest innovations in the market. This event is now the point of reference for tax advisors, bookkeepers, and accounting firms among others.

We were delighted to show how TaxDome could streamline their practices by automating the processes, our Software was well received by those who were looking to bring their firms to a digital environment.

🇬🇧 Accountex 2022, Oct 12 Manchester, UK

It was great to meet everyone at Accountex Manchester this year and be a part of the event.

It was certainly busier this time with a 53% increase in attendance from the previous year - not bad!

We really enjoyed showing everyone our revolutionary workflow automation platform which can help you save time for MTD.

Thanks to everyone who came to our stand for a demo and we look forward to meeting more people at the Accounting Web Live Expo at the end of November!

🇸🇪 Ekonomi & Företag, Sept 28-29, Stockholm, Sweden

During the event we met industry colleagues and leading players, and take part in a popular seminar program: lectures, news, workshops, and internships in economics, accounting, and business

Special thanks to all who took the time to swing by our booth

🇨🇦 Ignite CPB Canada 2022, 20-23 September, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

The TaxDome team was delighted to make meaningful connections during the IGNITE 2022 Conference in Calgary, Canada

 Thanks to our partner CPB Canada for inviting us

 It was great to meet professionals from the largest bookkeeping association in Canada who want to streamline their business; it also gave us an opportunity to increase our market share among bookkeepers

🇩🇰  FDR and Cereda, September 19 to 22, Kolding, Denmark

Thanks for meeting us at the FDR & Cereda Regnskab Event 2022 in Denmark!

Planning TaxDome’s fruitful new collaborations with amazing Danish firms was exciting, as was staying in touch with our clients and partners

During the live session, we talked about the importance of transparent customer communication for accounting and bookkeeping firms, as we believe this is one of the main drivers of a successful business

 Special thanks to all who took the time to swing by our booth, not forgetting FDR & Cereda for hosting the event

🇳🇴 Overskudd 2022, 13-14 September, Oslo, Norway

 Thanks for having the TaxDome team at the Overskudd in Norway

 Where we met new partners, and clients, showcased our platform in Europe and talked about the future development of the accounting and bookkeeping industry

 Congratulations to Ekaterina Verulidze who won a gift card in our raffle!

🇫🇷 Universités d’été, September 6-8, Paris, France

 Thanks for meeting us at the Universités d’été 2022 in Paris

 The TaxDome team was delighted to showcase our platform in Europe and talk about the future development of the accounting and bookkeeping industry in France


🇺🇸 NAEA 2022 Tax Summit, 24-26 July, Las Vegas, USA

Celebrating NAEA’s 50-year anniversary at the NAEA 2022 Tax Summit was awesome!

We were delighted to showcase TaxDome live demos and talk about the future development of the accounting and bookkeeping industry in Las Vegas

Thanks to everyone who met us there - we had a great time!

🇺🇸 Engage, June 6-9, Las Vegas, USA

The TaxDome team was thrilled to meet so many people at the AICPA Engage 2022 in Las Vegas on June 6-9, 2022. Special thanks to all of our awesome community members that took the time to swing by our booth.

During the event, we learned and discussed how professionals keep up with technology to improve the way they work. And we had the opportunity to share ideas with professionals that are always looking to adapt and thrive.

TaxDome is always looking for ways to connect with our community and AICPA Engage 2022 was a great experience.

🇺🇸 Scaling New Heights, June 19-22, Orland, USA

TaxDome team was glad to hold there live demos, talk about future development of accounting and bookkeeping industry.

Special thanks to all of our awesome community members that took the time to swing by our booth.

🇩🇪 STB EXPO, July 5, Munich, Germany

We are happy to report that on July 5th, TaxDome attended the StB (Tax Consultant) Expo in Munich

The focus of the Expo is to encourage networking and provide a space and time for it, showcase the latest trends in the Tax Consultant sphere as well as give a platform for new innovations to be revealed at!

The event halls were filled with attendees that attended the event this year, and 21 presenters covered different topics. There were around 200 booths set up, with all of them presenting different types of software solutions and associations.

TaxDome among them was proud to showcase our platform to a new market and impress the event’s attendees.

🇩🇪 ReWeCo, May 12-13, Essen, Germany

Happy to be sharing our impressions from attending ReWeCo Essen (Germany) last week. ReWeCo is a trade fair for accountants and controllers

Thanks to all who joined us in the booth to talk about digitalization in accounting and our partner BVBC!

Thank you for all the questions and feedback from accounting peers in Germany—we got at least a dozen while presenting TaxDome on stage.

🇫🇮 Work and Future 2022 by Finnish Financial Management Association

The theme of changes in technology and skills s addressed in interviews, with the common thread of change in the industry and in the world of work.

During the online event we talked about the transformation of the financial management industry and the future outlook, with a special focus on the processes of accounting firms and accountants and how they have changed during the pandemic. We will be demonstrating our software and there is a great offer for members of the Financial Management Association!

🇪🇸 VII Congress of Digital Transformation in Professional Firms, Barcelona

The VII Congress of Digital Transformation in Professional Firms is a space created by the Center for Innovation of Professional Firms, a place where Tax and Accounting consulting firms can meet and share experiences, anecdotes, best practices and why not one that another joke to make networking a little more enjoyable.

Without a doubt, it was very interesting to see how this space allows attendees to break paradigms and get out of square thinking by seeing a range of possibilities that opens up when they leave their comfort zone. The phrase “you learn from your own mistakes” is completely true, however it is better to learn from the mistakes of others, so you do not have to go through all of that yourself, that is why this space brings speakers who are known in their field to build knowledge through interactive talks that encourage participation and continuous improvement.

🇺🇸 F.I.T., May 11-12, Miami, USA

This month, we took the opportunity to attend the F.I.T Conference Mission - Finance, Innovation, Technology - in Miami.

Thanks to all who joined us at the TaxDome booth to learn about business digitalization, CRM and all the features we offer to take your business to the next level.


Understanding change. Transforming People. Adapt the Businesses". This was the theme of the 19th CONESCAP and 27th CONVECON that took place from February 14 to 18, 2022, at the Transamerica Expo Center, in São Paulo.

The largest national event of the Business Sector for entrepreneurs and accounting managers who discuss changes and business transformations, brought together by the largest convention of the Regional Accounting Council (CRC-SP) in the capital of architecture, gastronomy, business and culture - São Paulo.


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