General L. Edger Challenge

Take a photo of our mascot, General L. Edger, post it on social media, tag us — and have a chance to win an extra month added to your TaxDome license.


Our clients are the reason we show up to work every day. That’s why we wanted to thank you for being with us and spurring us on to greater things. So, on top of the anniversary gifts we sent, we are running a challenge - to win an extra user month added to your TaxDome license. 


How to participate

  1. Take a creative photo with our mascot, General L. Edger. It can be in any setting you like: from placing him against the backdrop of the Grand Canyon to taking a group selfie with your team.  
  2. Once you’re done, post the photo — or several — on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram) with the #taxdome_general hashtag, mentioning our official account (@TaxDome). Make sure the post is public, so we can see it!

How the winner is determined

We’ll shortlist 5 of the most creative photos at the start of each month — and then run a poll to let our facebook community choose the best one. In essence, we won’t be choosing the winner at all: your peers will be.


What the winner gets

The person with the most votes will get one free user-month added to their subscription. Naturally, we’ll also post the best photo to our official social media accounts — so that our followers can admire your creativity too!


And if I don’t win?

You can enter again — there’s no limit. Just keep in mind you can participate only once a month. So if your photo didn’t make our shortlist or topped the poll in, say, July, come back in August to try your luck again.

Rules and regulations


Below is a quick overview of the General L. Edger Сhallenge rules:

  • Winner(s) will get one extra user-month of our subscription at no cost.
  • You should have an active TaxDome subscription to be eligible
  • The challenge is free for all — there’s no entry fee
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