TaxDome Consultant Program

Get paid for sharing your TaxDome expertise

TaxDome Consultants work with stakeholders to define requirements, customize the platform, and enable practitioners to get the most out of TaxDome.

Join the TaxDome Consultant Program: Earn income by sharing best practices and helping practitioners automate their practices, utilizing TaxDome to its full potential.

What You Get as a Consultant


Financial reward

Get paid for your services on your terms. We take no commission for introducing you to clients.


As a certified consultant, you will be listed on our consultant directory for free to get new clients.


Once you become a consultant, you get a TaxDome certified consultant badge to show your TaxDome expertise.

Help & support

Unlimited and free access to TaxDome educational options: Academy, webinars, help articles & tutorials.


How to Become a TaxDome Consultant


Step 1: Take TaxDome Academy courses

Step 2: Pass the consultant certification exam

Step 3: Get TaxDome Consultant badge

Step 4: Get listed in the Consultant directory


Make a profit with TaxDome

Soon: our new Academy Course for Sales & Consultants to help you sell TaxDome and your services at a higher price.

  • Course for consultants with best practices from our sales team
  • Learn how to consult and onboard TaxDome users with the course for the consultants
  • Learn main TaxDome win points and how TaxDome brings value to customers with the course for the consultants

You can pass the certification exam with no less than 70% correct answers.

If successful, we will send you a TaxDome consultant form so we can learn more about your services. Within 2 weeks you will get the consultant badge and the certificate confirming your membership.

If not, refer to the TaxDome Academy courses and the extensive base of TaxDome education resources to get ready and retake the exam in only one week.


Ready to qualify as a TaxDome consultant?


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the TaxDome Consultant Program?

    The TaxDome Consultant Program allows consultants to get paid by providing consulting services about TaxDome to current and potential TaxDome users.

  • TaxDome Consultant Program how does it work?

    Carefully read the Consultant Program terms and conditions, then take the TaxDome certification exam. With 70% correct answers, you get the TaxDome consultant badge and a certificate confirming your membership in the program. If you fail, refer to TaxDome help & support resources and retake the exam.

  • How quickly will I be approved?

    Once you successfully pass the TaxDome consultant certification exam, we will get back to you within 2 weeks. However, you can always follow up by email.

  • When and how do I get paid?

    You and your potential clients negotiate the rate and means of payment independently of TaxDome.

  • Who is eligible?

    Existing TaxDome customers, agencies, consultants, accountants, educators, or trainers with solid TaxDome expertise and hands-on experience in setting up the system.

  • I have more questions. Do you have more answers?

    You can get in touch with us at any time via email, where we will be happy to help you.

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