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Onboarding (45 min)

Book an Onboarding for you or your team with one of our specialists. We'll help you set up TaxDome for your practice. Each session lasts 45 minutes, however, you can always book unlimited sessions.

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TaxDome is a tax practice management software designed to help accountants and auditing firms manage clients, workflows, invoices, payments, electronic signatures, emails, contacts, and much more on a centralized platform. 

TaxDome is the fastest growing software on the market with new features added weekly. The pricing model is not dependent on the new features: it is one price for everything, no additional charges.


TaxDome Youtube Academy

We have an extensive video library if you want to learn more yourself.


What users are saying about TaxDome

The biggest difference anyone will notice about TaxDome is that they have a very real, very dedicated, and very active development team. As dedicated as they do, I actually believe TaxDome will be the GoTo small accounting practice manager.

Taylor McGraw
Founder, Scioto Accounting & Tax

I just want to say thank you to TaxDome! This was year 2 for me using your system and I was definitely so much more efficient with my workflows, automated emails, always knowing where each client was in the pipeline. Thank you for making the perfect product for me!

Sara Reiss Laufer
Owner, Laufer CPA

To everyone at TaxDome - my firm couldn’t have done it without you this tax season. You put up with the accounting community sometimes at our worst, but my firm has changed 100% scince I got TaxDome. We are huge fans of yours and already see the AWESOME new features that were just waiting until May 18th. Thanks for always listening to our suggestions and making an amazing product.

Dane Janas
Founder, Boundless Tax

I have beeb a client for a year yesterday. Investing in this CRM was the best thing for my business and really changed everything! This system made it pos for me to service over 200 tax clients BY MYSELF. For the always listening ear and the implementation of thing that we asked for, thank you 💜. #taxseason2021 was epic and one of my most successfull with the help of you all.

Aneka Winstead
Owner, WATT Business Solutions

My mental health has improved tremendously with systems. I have more time to do other stuff and I’m able to make more money because I’m not wasting hours on manual stuff.

Jessica Smith
Owner, Tax Savvy Jessica

Thanks Jesssica Smith and Jamie Gruol for the workshop! There’s no way I would’ve been able to figure this out ad set up and customize TaxDome on my own. And certainly not in just a couple days. 😁😁🤣🤣

Kenya Harris EA
EA, The Tax Resolution Experts


  • What is TaxDome?

    TaxDome is a tax practice management software designed to help bookkeepers, accounting firms, and certified public accountants (CPAs) handle customers, workflows, bills, payments, electronic signatures, emails, contacts, and more on a centralized platform.

    TaxDome is the fastest growing software on the market with weekly new feature releases. The pricing model, however, does not depend on the released features: it is one price for everything, no extras.

  • How long does it take to set up TaxDome?

    You can import your customers in a few minutes. In the Onboarding session, we'll teach you how to import clients and documents, as well as create templates to automate your work.

    Here's a quick plan of your first week with TaxDome.

  • What's included in my free trial?

    All features are available during the trial period, with the exception of Zapier integrations. Paying customers also have access to our feature request board and the TaxDome community, where new features will be developed.

  • If a feature is essential to me, will you ever design it?

    We believe in making our customers happy and constantly improving our product. And to do so, your business is important to us, which is why we have a feature request board, which allows us to prioritize our customers' needs.

  • How do prices change depending on the features you release?

    With TaxDome, there are no additional charges. Our pricing model does not depend on the features we release, and we don't plan to change it anytime soon.

  • Is TaxDome used for office management and internal and external communication, but not for tax preparation?

    That’s correct. TaxDome does not prepare your tax returns. TaxDome helps you standardize and automate your workflows, communicate with your team members and provide a great user experience for exchanging information with your clients.

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